Condominium Associations

Armchair is committed to providing a customized management services program that will provide its condominium association clients efficient, accurate and timely services to meet their specific needs. Our team is a group of dedicated individuals who understand resident relationships are a number one priority.

Our strategic focus is to serve ≤20 unit condominium association properties in the City of Chicago. We strive to serve customers with a quick, personal response to Board members, Association members and owners unequaled by no other.

What Armchair’s program includes:
• Profit and loss statement, bank reconciliation, check disbursement register, accounts payable and delinquency report.
• Monthly statement to any delinquent unit owner(s).
• Assistance and preparation provided of annual budget for Board approval.
• Receive Association bills and bank statements and reconcile and expedite payments.
• Reconcile main checking account monthly.
• Collect and deposit all assessments and fees.
• Provide free electronic payment of monthly assessments using ACH/Debit.
• Disperse funds as approved by the Association on a monthly basis based on a predetermined limit established by the Board. Provide confirmation of all disbursements in monthly reporting.
• Deposit and transfer funds into any reserve accounts as deemed necessary by the Board.
• Assist in transfer of delinquent account information to Board’s legal council.
• Monitor any rental activity, including maintaining lease copies on file.
• Notify residents of any rule violations and handle necessary enforcement, to include warning letters and/or fines.
• Attend a minimum of two (2) Board meetings annually – more if deemed necessary by circumstance.
• Work with the Board to ensure the Association is proactive in its maintenance services and improvement programs so the investment of each owner continues to grow.
• Receive, advise and process work request by Homeowners per Board guidelines.
• Identify utility “leakage” and implement corrective action plan to reduce overall utility expenses.
• Provide general supervision of building projects.
Maintenance Services: procure qualified bids for contracts, execute weekly inspections of the both exterior and interior common areas, monitor community systems, complete regular inspections during major capital improvement projects and provide 24 hour/7 day a week emergency service number.
All costs for maintenance services described below are not included in the monthly management fee.
• Regular janitorial cleaning of all common areas based on frequency determined by Board.
• Maintenance of parking areas, common area locks, gates, lights and lighting systems or any other common area item not mentioned.
• Snow removal from designated common areas.
• Landscaping services to include grass cutting, watering, seeding, weeding, leaf removal and general clean-up.
• We offer the following repair services: leak repair and minor plumbing, replacement of light fixtures, GFA inspection/filter change out, drywall repair, minor electrical repair, lock change for in unit or common area, window repair, roof maintenance, hot water tank flush, boiler flush/maintenance and much more.